Platform Part 2: Bake In The Wow

How does my product provide a ‘wow’ experience? Michael spends a bit of time defining this je ne se quois called ‘wow’. His descriptions reach a sublime level (a kind of Virgin Galactic, if

Feeling Disoriented? Part 2

In the previous post I shared five elements contributing to the bewilderment of grief, based on my experience. As promised, here’s another five, a little more thoughtful this time. 6. Your emotions are at

Feeling Disoriented? Part 1

You’ve just been bereaved. For a few days you kept yourself busy, dealing with paperwork, telling others the news, preparing for the funeral. Now that’s all over, and things seem to be settling down.

Platform Part 1: Create A Compelling Product

A platform simply elevates the speaker for a while so that he can deliver his message. Once shared, the message itself either captures the heart or fades out of memory as ‘yet another talk’. The

Blogging Through ‘Platform’

Michael Hyatt has written a book called ‘Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World‘. He proposes five steps towards building a successful platform; namely Start with wow Prepare to launch Build your home base

Walking away

He sat staring blankly as time passed him by. She was dead. Moments seemed like hours, but at last he got up and kissed her. Was it longing? Or was it denial? Who could say?